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David and Ann had worked hard all their lives, brought up a family and given their children a good start in life. They managed to pay off their mortgage but didn’t have any substantial savings. When David finally retired there was a significant reduction in monthly income and David and Ann felt that they couldn’t afford to stay in their family home of 20 years which needed some home improvements , still be able to do a little travelling and afford a new car every 5-6 years.
We visited the couple and after fully understanding their financial situation made a recommendation that enabled them to release some equity from their home, complete the badly needed home renovations, purchase a reliable car and have some savings in reserve. The Davidson’s retain ownership of the family home, giving them the option to perhaps at some at time in the future move to a smaller place but in the meantime ensured they had sufficient savings to do the things they wanted to do.
“We just wanted to be able to stay in our home for some years to come and the local advisor from Lifemortgage was very helpful and understanding, we feel very comfortable that we can now afford stay in our home for the foreseeable future but have options further down the road.”

Mr & Mrs Davidson, Glasgow

George had retired aged 65 two years ago and Margaret 64 had taken early retirement from her employer 4 years ago. Unfortunately the loss of a full time wage meant that money had become tight with a mortgage still to pay and debts mounting Margaret went back to work part-time but was desperate to give up work. As a long serving school teacher she had a good pension but with some significant debts hanging over them just felt it wasn’t possible!
They still had a small mortgage to repay, a car loan and some credit card debt, the monthly budget was very tight. Living in the same home for over 23 years George and Margaret had no intentions of downsizing or moving but really would like to both be retired, spend more time with the grand children and do some of the things together that they’ve always wanted to.
Our local advisor spent some time with the Currans discussing their position, continuing to own their home was a priority and the Curran’s felt in the short term they would be able to make a payment to the equity release lifetime mortgage if it was reasonable but would like the option to allow the loan interest to ‘roll up’ in the future if their monthly budget became stretched.
We arranged for a flexible, lifetime equity release mortgage to repay all their debts and have one manageable, affordable monthly payment ensuring the loan balance did not increase in the short term but with an option at some time in the future if they choose to stop making monthly payments an allow the interest to ‘roll up’ into the loan.
“What a relief, our mortgage and debts repaid, one easy monthly payment which we can afford and the option to stop paying that in the future if we choose’ . The process was smooth and everything was clearly explained to us, we had lots of questions but our advisor was always available to answer any concerns we had....thanks a million”

Mr & Mrs Curran, Edinburgh


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